Haiti’s Piggy Bank (1999)

10 03 2010


Haiti’s Piggy Bank 1999

Directed by Robin Lloyd

30 min

In Haiti’s rugged countryside, the Creole pig was a poor family’s most important economic asset, a staple for both food and culture. When swine flu broke out in 1980, USAID pressured Haiti to eradicate this indiginous pig population. This video shows the self-interest of US aid, the interconnected nature of resources, and the trauma caused by harsh agricultural policies imposed from above. But it also teaches that resistance can bring renewal and hope: through grassroots and human rights assistance, the Creole pig has returned. This is an example of how local actions can solve local problems.

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A Brief History of Haiti & the US (Chomsky).

26 01 2010

History of Haiti MP3


Extract from Noam Chomsky’s talk ‘The Uses of Haiti.
Student Pugwash Northeast Regional Conference. February 22, 2002.

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