The Outsider:the Story of Harry Partch (1974)

12 09 2010

Harry Partch (June 24, 1901 – September 3, 1974) was an American composer and instrument creator. He was one of the first twentieth-century composers to work extensively and systematically with microtonal scales, writing much of his music for custom-made instruments that he built himself, tuned in 11-limit (43-tone) just intonation.

Bob Gilmore, author Harry Partch: a biography writes

“I was a sort of unofficial consultant for a very good documentary film on Partch, The Outsider: the story of Harry Partch, directed by Darren Chesworth, first screened on BBC4 in 2002. Good film treatment of Partch and his work being rare, this 58-min documentary deserves a wide circulation. It includes much footage of Partch, together with interviews with Philip Glass, Gavin Bryars, and most (though not all) of the main Partch heavies: Philip Blackburn, Betty Freeman, Danlee Mitchell, Stephen Pouliot, John Schneider, Jon Szanto and myself.” 

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