Backstage Magic

10 05 2010
I always believed performance is about sincerity shared in the confidence of warm intimacy. Where better to find this sort of thing then in the back-stages and green rooms scattered thoughout the history of the world? That’s where the real magic happens. Here are a few examples
STEVIE NICKS  (Wild Heart)
From a Rolling Stone photo session, presumably around 1983/4 in which a camera catches Stevie Nicks and band perform ‘Wild Heart’ from the heart. Very real, very beautiful.
Leonard Cohen (Bird on a Wire)

After a nervous and uncertain Cohen walks of stage and retreats to the dressing room, resolving not to perform, his friends and co-performers urge him on with a version of ‘Bird on a Wire’. This footage is magic, not just for the reality of the situation which is conveyed but for the beauty of such a real moment. Watch for Bob Johnson (Simon and Garfunkel’s producer) as he performs the second verse. The sight of a broken Cohen on the floor of the tour bus at the end is really something. Despite the encouragement he did not go back out to finish the set.






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